Norah Jones @ Chevrolet Theater


Band-Norah Jones

Band Members-

Adam Levy-Guitar

Lee Alexander-Bass

Andrew Borgen- Drums/percussion

Daru Oda -Flute/Guitar(one song)

Band website-

Venue-Chevrolet Theatre

Date 04-13-07


It is always a nice setting when you see an event at the Chevrolet (Oakdale) Theatre. It is a small venue which holds only 4,800 but provides national artists in a somewhat intimate environment for it’s scale.

The last time Norah Jones played at the Chevrolet Theatre about 3 years ago she was reported to be too quiet and mellow. She people wanted to hear more upbeat songs instead of dark and low ones. Norah added M.Ward as her opener which helped spice things up a bit. The M. stand for Matt which is a nickname he picked up as a kid. M.Ward’s set was short which started at 7:30pm. Jones came out and introduced him. He then went into a instrumental guitar jam while tapping his feet. He played some originals from his new “Post War” album. He finished at about 8pm with what was almost a harmonica solo but only lasted about 45 seconds as he grabbed his beverage and left the stage. The stage was very dark for his performance and the light crew didn’t seem to change them at all.

Ticket holders were then anxiously awaiting for Norah Jones to appear. She showed up at about 8:30pm with a dress(wardrobe change) and red heels like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Norah surprised the crowd by playing electric guitar first to her hit song from her 2002 album  “Come away with me” back up by the band. Norah then moved over to grand piano and keyboards playing songs such as “Thinking about you” and “Broken: from her new album Not to Late (2007). She gleamed at the screams from the crowd. One fan yelled “marry me Norah” as she went into her next song “Be My Somebody”. An intermission was suppose to occur but never took place. Throughout the night she introduced her band mates Adam Levy on guitar, Lee Alexander on Bass, and Andrew Borgan on drums. Next up Norah brought her other band member Daru Oda off the the flute position so they could play a song on guitar and whistle to the tune “My dear country”.Norah then did two solos on grand piano while the band left for a break. They returned and she went back to guitar and someone in the 15th row yelled “Jimmy Page” to which she replied “ok” but didn’t deliver.

Jones then gave us a story about how her small apartment in New York City was about the size of her grand piano. She said her mom visited and asked “why are there bars on the windows?” Norah’s explanation was that there isn’t many bars on the windows in Texas. Guitarist Adam Levy then made a joke to Jones stating “there’s no bars on the windows in Texas but there is windows on every bar” which Norah repeated to the crowd. She said the song she was about to play was no bar song but she does that mostly in her other band. Next up was a Dixie Chicks song followed by a Willie Nelson cover before exiting the stage momentarily.

They all returned for the encore with Norah on grand piano playing a song which paved her way in the music business known as “I don’t know why.” Next was another song off her original 2002 Come Away with me album called “The nearness of you”. The crowd was ecstatic and she explained there was one last song to be played. Norah Jones then ended with a Tom Waits cover called “The Promised Land.”

This being Norah Jones’ first tour date of this tour and in three years she pumped it up a little by playing a good mix of piano and guitar. Then again. she had to do this to prevent the crowd from using their jackets as pillows. Anytime a artist has new album is makes for a good concert of new songs. However, this was a little more quiet than the norm.