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ACT #1 (Support)


Band Name-Gretel
Band Members-Reva Williams-vocals/guitar
Melissa Myers-drum,typewriter,5 gallon bucket
Phil DuPertuis- Bass

Band website-http://www.gretelmusic.com

Venue-The Space (http://www.thespace.tk)

City,State- Hamden,CT
Date-Fri. May 11 2007

The Space is a quaint little venue nestled away in a cool little corner
of Treadwell St. in Hamden, CT. It is owned by well seasoned and known musicians from the band Mighty Purple. The walls are covered in various antiques and nostalgia from Connecticut and beyond. There is also several lights that look like they belong on a Christmas tree or on Bourbon Street but add a nice
touch to this really cool venue. The Space also offers a studio for bands to record their latest music and a thrift shop which offers other nostalgia and some old low priced CD’s. It is truly a gem to have this type of music hall in southern Connecticut.
The Space books many different acts from all over the U.S. and on Friday May 11th they had some good openers for Abigail Zsiga. Abigail is one of the Space’s favorite acts to book and she always has good support bands so tonight’s line up was no suprise. A trio out of Boston,MA known as Gretel was first on the agenda. Their first song
“Carlotta” was a good way to start off the night with some nice jammin guitar riffs. They then played some other songs such as “Wolves”, “This Time”, and “Can I still come over.” The band featured Reva Williams on vocals and guitar, Phil DuPertuis on Bass/vocals,
and Melissa Myers on drums/keyboards/5gallon bucket/vocals. Next up was a real treat from Gretel as Melissa Myers played  the typewriter (yes her instrument was a typewriter) to a really cool song called “Meteorite”. It’s really neat to see artists try different things and I thought the typewriter was a nice touch. The next two songs were “Turn the lights back on” and “Adrian” which were nice little tunes. They ended with a song about hope called “Jesus where did you go?” Overall a nice way to start off the night and jam out to some good melodies.

ACT #2(Support)-

Cassandra Kubinski

Band Name(second act of 05-11-07)-Cassandra Kubinski
Band Members-Cassandra Kubinski-vocals/piano
James Adamo-guitar

Band website-http://www.ckubinski.com

Time-about 8:15pm
Date-Fri. May 11 2007

I was on myspace earlier in the week and I added my name to Abigial Zsiga’s event page that I would be attending the show. Cassandra(affectionately known as Cassie) found my myspace page on there and sent me a quick message to say hello. It’s always nice when artist tend to be real about their messages on myspace as opposed to
those who are just there to promote their music and don’t care who they are talking to. I seemed to have gotten positive energy from Cassandra early in the week before the show. I attended Florida State University in the early 2000’s and I was pleased
to learn that Cassie did to. It is always good to see FSU grads doing well out there in the world.
Cassie is a raw talent with a good set of vocal chords and great beats. Her guitar player James Adamo reached some nice riffs as well and complimented her style of music nicely. Cassandra started off the night with a song from her myspace page called “Cradle the  Moon.” This is a relaxed laid back tune which is great to have a aged glass of wine to. Cassandra’s voice is very peaceful and reaches some high notes
as elegantly as possible. She went on to sing another myspace tune of hers called “Hardly is a love song.” This tune reminded me of a good ballad from James Taylor in
that it tells a story. Not a bad song at all. Her next one was called “Red Hot Romance” which I thought was one of her best songs of the night. This was a bit of a
rockin tune and nice and loud. It was great!!! She went into two other songs called “Like only lovers can” and a song that I think was called “The night I got twisted”.
Cassie then asked the crowd if they were from Connecticut to which some of them responded “Yeah”. She then talked about how she missed her hometown (Enfield,CT). Cassandra went on to speak about how when you graduate college life sometimes get’s ahead of you and you go with it which lead her to the next song “Echos”. The set ended with the song “I’m a race car”.
After the show I had a nice chat with her guitarist James Adamo who was really genuine. I look forward to going to see them when they tour in Connecticut and quite possibly in New York.
It is sometimes hard to tell what an artist will be like from only 4 songs on their myspace page. However, Cassandra lived up to her hype. I was a little disappointed I didn’t get to hear what seemed to be her hit song “Hiding Underneath”. That song is on her myspace. Either way it was a pleasurable serenation with great chords and good
notes on the keyboards. We’ll worth the $10 admission fee.

ACT #3(Support)
Band name-Amanda ????

This artist was good but I was either too occupied with the surroundings or she was just
too simple. She played guitar and keyboards and was all alone. I think it is tough when a two bands play and then a solo act follows. Perhaps Amanda should have opened and Gretel or Cassandra could have played before Abigail. But overall she wasn’t bad. I’d give her a C+. Very basic. It is also worthy to note that she does have a band but they couldn’t be there that night.

Abigail Zsiga

ACT#4 (Main Event)
Band Name-Abigail Zsiga
Band Members- Abigail Zsiga- vocals/keyboards
Tim Sway- vocals/upright bass

Special guests-Andrew Zsiga-guitar
Johnny Rodgers(co-owner of the Space and
from the band Mighty Purple)-guitar
Unknown-on drums

Band website- http://www.abigailzsiga.com

Venue-The Space (http://www.thespace.tk)

Date- Fri. May 11 2007

There may have been between 10-20 that came to see the openers(myself included) but for the most part people were there to see Abigail Zsiga. As 10pm rolled around this was clear with about 50 or so people filling up The Space. The fact that the event was taking place in Abigail’s hometown was key to the turnout as well.
Abigail has a really great guy called Tim Sway on upright bass. He is funky and his moves on stage really add a great effect to this act. She had some special guests open with her one of which included her husband Andrew on acoustic guitar. Andrew played some good songs and provided nice jams.
A real special treat on electric guitar was Johnny Rodgers from the band Mighty Purple and part owner of The Space. He provided a great stage presence but I couldn’t help but notice an owner’s watchful eye as he looked at the crowd. They also included a guest drummer(?).
Abigail Zsiga is most well known for dance club hits in the UK where she was known as just Abigail. She decided fairly recently that she wanted a change and
to go back to making acoustic songs.(back to the basics)
They started out the night lighting up the place with her rendition of “You Came”. Her husband then left the stage and she sung “Songbird” which is a really classy tune.
Someone then yelled out between songs “Happy Birthday.” Abigail responded “thank you but I’m really old.” For the record Abigail is not really old and actually she’s is quite young.
Every artist has their hit song and Abigial’s was up next as she performed “Better with You.” I’ve heard this song several times live but this was a great melodic version. They started things slow for  about a minute then jammed out loud. Abigail sung in a assertive tone “I’M GOOD THAT WAY…….BUT I’M BETTER WITH YOU.” Really impressive!!! She played another song and then talked about how she writes lyrics and will hopefully have a new album out by the end of the year to which I was very pleased to hear.
She must have been reading my mind at this point because I was about to yell out a request for the song “AM Radio” when she went right into it on keyboards. Once again she rocked out to this song and it is really great to see this band evolve the way they have over the past year or so. Next up was a song dedicated to Renee called “I pity the fool” where they continued to jam proud and loud. That was followed by a new song
which I think was called “I won’t let you fall.”
It is always nice to see artists have a good positive message behind their music. Abigail Zsiga is an advocate for (JFCI) Justice for Children International which seeks to aboloish child sex trafficking. We as Americans live the privilaged life and sometimes take our lifestyles for granted. JFCI helps provides funding aftercare programs for children who are raped and beaten and then sold like slaves. JFCI also provides water stations in villages so that children don’t have to walk as far for water with the fear of being abducted We Americans can be very nieve about what is going on in the rest of the planet and Abigail’s cause adds to the beauty of her music. She talked about JFCI for a bit
and her trips to Cambodia and Thailand before going into her song she named the album after called Home….Again. This song took a more serious tone and was quieted down a little.
Everyone left the stage at this point except Tim and Abigail and they performed the Beatles hit tune “Eleanor Rigby.” This is the only cover song I’ve ever heard them do(not the first time) but it was a glorious version.
All special guests then returned for the song “90 Miles.” She chanted “90 Miles from hell……..another cheap motel.” This song reminds me of JFCI alot and has opened my eyes to the realization that children are often shipped from hotel to hotel
or worse container to container. It makes me count my lucky stars and realize how fortunate I am. There was great communication on “90 Miles” between Abigail’s husband and Johnny Rodgers the two guitar players for this song.
That concluded the night. Abigail’s show has a unique way of leaving a impression on your soul. Her voice and grace on stage really leaves a positive impact and makes you want to come back for more. Her next show is at Daniel Street in Milford, CT
on June 19th at 9pm. For more info go to her website listed above.