Poison @ Chevrolet Theater

Band Name-Poison

Band members-
Bobby Dall – Bass
C.C. DeVille – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Bret Michaels – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Rikki Rocket – Drums

Band website-http://www.poisonweb.com

Date-June 26th 2007

Venue-Chevrolet Theatre

City, State-Wallingford, CT

Time- 7:30 pm

For those of you who don’t know a couple of us that work on the LBT.com site also work
for Live Nation Inc. at both the Chevrolet(Oakdale) and Dodge (Meadows) music theatres.
I had worked a long day for the Poison show and someone was giving me a run down on their
new album. Basically it is all cover songs by well known classic rock artists like Kiss,Grand Funk Railroad, and Loggins and Messina. I figured it would
be a little weird to hear them doing nothing but covers even though pretty much all of their albums
have at least one cover song on it.
I got out of work at about 8:30pm and had some dinner on Oakdale’s patio with my friend.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Poison. I mean these guys have been around for over 20 years and I had actually forgotten
that they did certain songs. While we were eating dinner my friend asked me what it was going to be like in there. I explained to her
that people were going to be rockin’ out with people giving hang loose symbols. I was actually poking fun of them a little bit. Little did
I know what was in store for me next.

After a nice beer buzz we then caught a couple of the last song’s when Ratt was performing. Ratt sounded suprisingly good for rock stars their age. They rocked out the place.
Then it was time for Poison.

We met up with some other friends of ours and grabbed another beer and headed back to our seats. We got in the theater while Poison was
performing and they sounded fantastic. I was pleasntly suprised. They bused out song’s like Marshall Tucker Bands “can’t you see” and The Rolling Stones “Dead Flowers”.
Poison also had the crowd rockin’ and a rolling to David Bowie’s “Suffragette City”. It was a fantastic version of that song.
Brett Michaels had concertgoers bobbing their heads to the beats and next up was a classic tune by the Romantics called “What I like about you”. Brett explained to the crowd
that when they performed in bars they did that song and people would demand to hear it over and over again. His harmonica playing during this song was short and sweet but a welcomed
plight of good harmony. The guys then did the Tom Petty tune “I need to know”.

C.C. DeVille the guitar player then did a solo followed by a drum solo by Ricky Rockett while everyone else left the stage. Brett and the crew came back and busted out with the Poison classic
“Every Rose has it thorn”. I couldn’t help but think of my youth and 8th grade dances during this tune. This tune was followed by another signature song of theirs called “Talk dirty to me”. I shockingly
discovered myself giving the hang loose sign with my hand while drinking my beer in the other. I couldn’t believe how much fun I was having as I looked around the other patrons in the theater. As Brett played
the final cords of “Every Rose” he told us that it was the $15 his dad spent on guitar lessons.

It was time for the encore as they finally played the song I wanted to hear all night “UnSkinny Bop”. That song definately reminded me of my childhood.
As the night came to a close I wanted to beat the traffic and decided I would stay for one more song. I was all pumped up giving hang loose signs trying to finish my beer quickly when they busted out with “Nothing but a good time”.
I was so happy with this concert and I felt a little funny as I walked out because of my 1980’s nature. What can I say…….I’m an 80’s child and not afraid to admit it.