CD Review: Big Sam’s Funky Nation – King of the Party (Hypersoul Records, 2010)

Big Sam's Funky Nation - King of the Party

A few months ago I got the chance to see Big Sam’s Funky Nation play the Warehouse in Hartford, CT for a Mardi Gras party. I found myself with plenty of beeds around my neck and enough asses were shaking to make Lil’ Kim proud. After that show I had a chance to listen to BSFN’s latest album “King of the Party” and the only thing disappointing about it was that I didn’t have those same asses shaking in front of me like at the Warehouse.

The first track and album name “King of the Party” was funky, jammy, and eclectic. This song will be incredible for Gathering of the Vibes this year and I can’t wait. Sam is a tall man and this new album is like a tall order of funky hip-hop king fish soul music.
The second song on the CD is “Krunked Up”. This is a phrase often used to describe when you are catching a good buzz, weather it be from beer or just feeling the musical vibe. Sam’s 2nd song has the lyrics “shake that booty” which is guarnteed to get any crowd dancing to the groove. This song has a feel good sound with effects to make you feel that true New Orleans vibe. The next track titled “Rage On” brings about
commanding horns to start off which demands your attention. I could not stop tapping my feet and feeling good about the guitar from Takeshi Shimmura during this tune. Combined with Desmond “Chocolate Milk” Williams on drums this instrumental jam was New Orleans soul funk at it’s peak. Sam does some cover tunes as part of his act and track 7 has been covered by the Black Crowes, Otis Redding, and The Grateful Dead to name a few. During “Hard To Handle” Big Sam puts a fast tempo, bluesy, southern style twist
on this classic rock favorite. It encompasses his new fresh sound in true funk-a-dunk style.

Everyone likes a woman with junk in the trunk and track 8 off of the King of the Party Album is called “Big Ole Booty” and sure to get folks dancing in the club. This song epidomizes how people love to grind up on each other while in the club.

If you go out dancing chances are you probably want to be seen. Track 9 off BSFN’s album is about just that and it called “See Me Dance”. The lyrics state “everybody from doctor to teachers come see me dance.” This song is groovy with a little R & B twist.
Many of these songs have the same context or meaning but it’s about how you use them in the live setting in my view. These songs are made to pick up women or if your a girl to find that sexy guy in the club. I’m sure you’ve been in a club were people are standing off to the side of the dancing area while the DJ tries to get people involved in getting their suerve on. That’s exactly what King of the Party’s 11th track is about and what appears to be the final track called “Dance Floor.” This tune starts off with good voice effects which remind me of TPang and the repitition is reminicent of Robert Randolph and the Family Band and other
funk rappers.

At this point I thought it was the end of the album. But there was about 5-6 more blank tracks. However, I had to listen to them all out of curiosity. When I finally got to track 17 there was a hilarious chipmunk voice version of Big Sam being silly saying things like “We In the House” in that high pitched voice.
Then he says in an Alvin like way “We outta here”.

Overall it’s a good album which involves a southern soul hipster trend. Disc Jockey’s will love spinning this on vinyl into their mixes. When you feel like expierencing a little classy taste of New Orleans Big Sam’s Funky Nation’s album “King of the Party” is your source for getting down like MTV’s Downtown Julie Brown.

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