Shakedown @ Toads Place 08-17-2012 New Haven, CT




Eggy de la Gates 

Venue-Toad’s Place 

City/State-New Haven, CT

Date-August 17th, 2012

Shakedown setlist

Set 1:

Viola Lee Blues (1st) -->
Cumberland Blues -->
Viola Lee Blues (2nd) -->
All Over Now -->
Viola Lee Blues Finale
Stagger Lee
Big Boss Man
Aiko -->
Foolish Heart
Loose Lucy

Set 2:

Wheel -->
Women Are Smarter
Terrapin -->
Drums / Space
Help -->
Slip -->
Franklins Tower
Wang Dang Doodle
Fire on the Mountain


Good Lovin


Band Members:

Dave Frankel – Lead Guitar/Vocals

Jeff Martinson – Guitar/Vocals

Mark Haberfield – Bass/Vocals

Geoffrey Wadhams – Keyboard/Vocals

Johnny Chang – Drums


Band Websites:




Eggy de la Gates

DizzyFish with Scott Guberman on Keys:


Venue Website:


It was once again that time of the month when Dead heads of all ages come together for a night of festivities and debauchery along good old York Street in New Haven, CT. The lily pad green awning covered, half brick, half glass window building was a notorious venue and it’s stage has been graced with countless legends throughout the years. From the Rolling Stones, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, to Naughty by Nature, Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff, and Ice T. Meatloaf, U2, Saturday night Dance Parties, EDM nights, and several other local Connecticut, up and coming acts, such as the Cosmic Dust Bunnies, The Mushroom Cloud, and Full Spectrum. Not to mention many other national touring acts like Dark Star Orchestra, Lotus, The New Deal, Conspirator, Zach Deputy, and Jimmy Herring. Toad’s Place covers all the genres and offers something that can quench the thirst of any musical palette. This particular venue can hold up to 750 patrons and has three bars spread throughout the place; which is helpful when your cup finds itself to be empty and believe me it happens often! On a good night you can even make your way up to the balcony for a birds eye view of the show. All in all, it’s a really cool place to chill and the sound system is pretty kick ass too.


There were two openers that night. One I had heard before, the other was a new one for me, but I had seen Scott Guberman in other bands and he was on the keys so I was looking forward to checking them out for sure. Eggy de la Gates was the first band up and they were the ones that I had previously seen. They had opened up for Shakedown at the show here back in March as well. Definitely a tight group and at such a young age too. The band is made up of Adam Soltis on Guitar/Vocals, Corey Shea on Bass, Dani Battat on Keyboards, Jake Brownstein on Guitar, and Gabe Nudel. We arrived about half way through their set, but we walked in while they were jamming out a really AWESOME cover of “Eleanor Rigby” by the Beatles and I have to say they did a bang up job with the tune! I loved the way they jammed out together and you could really tell that they were able to feed off of one another on stage as well as from the crowd. Everyone was out there getting funky and the band played suit! From what I could gather they play a wide array of cover songs as well as some original stuff too. Well worth checking out in the future if you have the opportunity.



Second up for the night was an unfamiliar band for me called DizzyFish, but as I said before, Scott Guberman, who has sat in on the keyboards for Shakedown several times, was playing with them so I absolutely wanted to check them out. Also, Johnny Chang and a few of the other guys from Shakedown said the band was awesome and I was glad I listened. They sounded freaking GREAT! The current band members are Eric (Diz) on Lead Vocals/Guitarist/Song Writer, Scott Guberman on B3/Keyboards/Lead & Backing Vocals, Mike (Cal) Colavolpe on Lead & Rhythm Guitars/Backing Vocals, and Tommy Nagy on Drums. Other members include, but not always present, Dayvee Dee on Bass, John Peckman on Drums, Robert Esposito on Bass, and Ivan Podgwaite on Bass. These guys gave us a really high energy, dancey, fun, jam laden, funk fused, and passion filled set that blew everyone away. I loved their ability to captivate the crowd and really throw down some thick improvisational stuff between their tunes, as well as, while jamming inside, outside, and around them. The venue was getting fairly packed by this time and the dance floor was GROOVING!


DizzyFish performing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” December 2011:


As you all probably already know, Shakedown was the main event for the night and they play here once every month. The local Dead head’s are allowed to invade Toad’s Place and make it there own while Shakedown lays it all out for us up on that stage. It seems like it’s always a big reunion to me when I go to these shows. Tons of friends and family all hanging out together, spinning, laughing, drinking, and making new memories with each other. They really isn’t any place I’d rather be! Tonight was no exception either and as the band took the stage the crowd crept closer, eagerly awaiting for the set to begin. We had no idea what we were in for, but one my best friend’s who had gotten a glimpse of the set list was like, “Oh you’re gonna LOVE THIS”……BOY was she right! They started off the set with a MONSTER of a Viola Lee Blues Sandwich. I just LOVE SANDWICHES!!!! A smoking Viola into an even more smoking “Cumberland Blues”! Wow is really all I have to say, but it wasn’t even done yet. They just kept on jamming flawlessly back into Viola! I was really digging their use of transition and they sounded fantastic. They brought the tempo down some and just kept on playing right into “All Over Now”, then back in the rest of Viola. What an awesome way to start the show. The whole set was full of really solid jamming and the entire place was getting down. Other notable tunes included Stagger Lee; which is not nearly played enough, Big Boss Man; loved Geoff’s vocals on that one he totally killed it, Aiko Aiko; MISS & ♥ YOU STACEY, and Loose Lucy. Definitely a kick ass first set and from where I was standing, all you could see were smiling faces and clapping hands.

After everyone started funneling back in from the outside, by the bars, and downstairs, the band headed on up to the stage for round 2! Another thing I love about this band is that when they take a set break, they come and hang out with all of the fans. Just chatting and shooting the shit. Real down to earth folks and real fun to hang out with too. They said they had something special in store for the second set and they did not disappoint either, that’s for sure. A gentle rolling of ear candy ensued as they began to play “The Wheel”; it was a dear friend of mine’s favorite song, who has passed away, so I immediately began to think of her. Swaying around with the crowd singing along in her memory. It was a really nice way to get things going again and brought happy memories with it too. Next up would be a fast, drum filled “Man Smart, Woman Smarter”, which is in my opinion just a slight variation of “Not Fade Away”, but they played it well. I was completely stunned when they started playing “Terrapin” after that too, but so happy to hear it too. It’s a very hard song to play and they definitely did it justice that night.

Jeff Martinson (Guitar), Mark Haberfeld (Bass), and Johnny Chang (Drums) of Shakedown rocking it at Toads Place


Personally, I am not a huge fan of “Space/Drums”, but I have come to realize that when they play Space, the percussion and bass players get to go take a little re-freshening break, so to speak, and when they play Drums, the guitar and keyboard players get theirs. Smart, very smart indeed. Needless to say, next up was “Space/Drums”, but it was still good. Psychedelic, mind-melting, and twisted, just the way I like em. This next part of the second set was, to me, probably the best part! An absolutely stellar “Help on the Way” right into a fluid like, almost organic “Slipknot!”, and then into an upbeat fun filled “Franklin’s Tower”. I am a huge fan of that arrangement and just love how each song lends itself to the next, almost as if you didn’t hear them in succession your mind would be looking for the next part at the end of the previous one. SOOO GOOOD. They weren’t finished with us yet either and they busted out with a really twangy “Wang Dang Doodle”! Wadhams killed it on the vocals too. At that point I was sure the show was over, but I was dead wrong. FIRE!!! Fire on the Mountain BABY!! Talk about outta no where. It was very well played and placed perfectly. I love suprises!! They just kept them coming and last up for the set was a nicely done rendition of “Gloria”. Finally, they wrapped up the show with a little “Good Lovin” as an encore and that’s exactly what we all got that night. A whole lot of GOOD LOVIN!!!

Why weren’t you there?


A huge thanks to Shakedown, DizzyFish, and Eggy de la Gates for once again a REAL GOOD TIME!!!!



Until next time my phriends, be safe, go see live music, and STAY GRATEFUL!!!