Carbonated Insight and String Band @ Stella Blues Bar 10/20/12

Carbonated Insight at Stella Blues Bar

Event- Fall Colors Celebration !- String Band & Carbonated Insight with very special guest The Bodega Band

Venue- Stella Blues Bar ( )

Date- Saturday 10/20/12

Time- 8:00 pm

City/State- New Haven, CT




Carbonated Insight ( )

String Band ( )

The Bodega Band ( )


I was really looking forward to this show in the weeks leading up to it. I hadn’t been down to Stella Blues Bar in about a year. If you are not familiar with this venue it is a music venue located in the heart of the club district of Crown St. in New Haven. The name Stella Blues also has significant meaning for Grateful Dead fans. The best way I could describe this bar is that it is geared towards local music that is historical, cutting edge, and offers a fun chill relaxing vibe. It is a truly unique place in New Haven and we are lucky to have such a venue, especially on Crown St. where the “DJ Clubs” are dominant. It offers a great alternative for those who just want to hear live music with out the bump and grind aspect of a typical crown street club.

The first band that went on stage was The Bodega Band ( ) While they were sound checking the vocalist ( Kerrey/Lynn Tarlton ) did some a cepella and I was so impressed with her voice I knew it was going to be an incredible set. They started out with a few jazz and blues numbers which were really chill and groovy. It set a nice vibe to start off the night as people were trickling into Stella Blues Bar. The Bodega Band had the place rocking as they played the Allman Brothers hit “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”. One could argue that a night at Stella Blues Bar isn’t complete without some Grateful Dead songs. So it was only fitting that The Bodega Band then played an absolutely incredible version of the Grateful Dead’s song “Help on the Way”. It blew me away and totally reminded me of those days of seeing Ratdog at the Beacon Theater in New York City. People were really enjoying the Bodega Band at this point and they busted out with a really good version of Franklin’s Tower. I really wanted to see the rest of their set but I was doing some filming elsewhere at this point. However, I heard they ended their set with a really good version of White Bird.  Overall, this band was very awesome and if you get the chance to see them live I can pretty much guarantee you it will be an awesome time. Again, check them out at their reverb nation page here…….

The Bodega Band performing at Stella Blues Bar in New Haven


Next up was the eclectic, roots, jam, country picking rock and roll band known as String Band. Now if you follow the LBT social media network you know that String Band is my favorite band to cover. I’ve been following these guys around since 2008. So much has evolved with this band since then. This band started out in the backyard of the shoreline area of CT and has now grown into playing many local bars and festivals. However, they have never forgotten where they came from and are still true to their roots and friends and family from back in the backyard days. Their setlist at Stella Blues included their awesome originals such as Astro Projecto, and psychedlic soup which were beautiful as always. They even played their original “Sidewalk” which was written by the always animated and ever glowing love of their front man “RobbieJam”. RobbieJam even helped me out and edited the audio from when String Band played their hit tune Sidewalk at Stella Blues and you can have listen to it here on soundcloud……..

The uber cool thing about String Band is they also play alot of cover songs. However, they are not playing main stream covers that you would hear from a typical cover band in a bar in New Haven on a Saturday night. They played obscure covers such as Alan Jackson’s “Mercury Blues” and Old Crow Medicine Show’s “Wagon Wheel” which gave a really nice bluegrass jam feel. Stella Blues was packed at this point and everyone was rocking out and dancing and jamming, enjoying themselves on Crown St. in good old New Haven, CT. String Band has also been covering the Donna the Buffalo song “Blue Skies” lately and they played it on WPKN 89.5 FM the Sunday before the Stella Blues ( ) gig which you can view here….. (They also played it at Stella Blues which was awesome). My personal opinion is that they really do this tune some justice. They played some others covers too which I won’t mention because for some moments you just have to be there to witness the action. So next time come down to the show and you’ll get the full details. The next gig for String Band is when they head back to their roots of the Shoreline at Country Tavern in Guilford, CT on Nov 10th. And on the same night we will also celebrate 5 years of Livebandstouring filming bands……it is free……….and we will be giving away prizes too……….see this link for more info………..

String Band at Stella Blues Bar New Haven, CT

Next up was the main event for the night …….Carbonated Insight ( ). I was lucky enough to catch Carbonated Insight a few times before at Shock and Awe in Waterbury, CT earlier this year and also at Toad’s Place when they opened up for Shakedown. This band is very cool and they play alot of originals and covers. They started about a year and half ago and have certainly created a little bit of a buzz on the jamband scene. They are a mainstay at Stella Blues and have made a name for themselves in this awesome bar on Crown Street in the Elm City. I had met Oli their guitar player at Wormtown earlier this year. He’s a real cool dude and we had fun together. We were chillin and he told me he was a student in Eric the Transcend dancer’s Health Class at SCSU. It’s funny sometimes how you get lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. So I asked him if it was cool if I could interview him for the Eric the Transcend Dancer video project I’ve been working on. To my utter joy he was thrilled to it. This rockumentary is complete and you can view it on our website here ( ) . Oli even went ahead and said I could come down and interview his band Carbonated Insight at Stella Blues. EPIC!!!!! Check out the footage here………..

Carbonated Insight played some super awesome songs such as Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” and the Grateful Dead hit “Bertha” which rocked my soul. Stella Blues was jamming off the hook at this point in midnight hour. I mean the smiles on people’s faces because of how much they were enjoying Carbonated Insight was phenominal. I mean you just can’t get this positive vibe anywhere else in New Haven.  Stella Blues is truly a special place. Carbonated Insight also did some of their own tunes which included “Boobie Doobie” and an “Irish Punk Hippie Song”. I mean the energy in this place was just amazing. They played some Van Morrison, Allman Brothers and a few other covers as well. Carbonated Insight has a truly unique sound and musically you can tell these guys really gel and fit well with each other. As a special treat they even invited their Drummers Uncle up on stage to play sax. This was so relaxing and enjoyable. His sax grooves had me feeling chill and mellow.

Carbonated Insight at Stella Blues Bar

I have filmed tons of bans and have personally attended shows where I’ve been able to meet cool band members. Most of the bands treat me pretty well. Oli (the guitar player from Carbonated Insight) took things a step further and encouraged more creativity. Much in the way RobbieJam has done for me and others. The vibe on this night was extra special. It was more than just a typical night in New Haven. Carbonated Insight brought together three awesome bands, at the best bar on crown street for live music, and for those of us that were lucky enough witness it……we had a evening that was truly…..full of transcending dancers and epic live music. Priceless.