LBT New Direction – Moving Onward



As festival season comes to a close this is a time in CT where things slow down a little. There is still plenty of music to be seen throughout the fall and winter……but it just gets a little colder, and people are a little more hesitant to come out of their houses to spend money on local events.

We have so much going on at Live Bands Touring right now. Our Editor/Videographer intern, Kyle Leonard, has been a huge help this summer with filming and editing bands video footage. He’s also a great editor if anyone is looking to hire him full time and not on a volunteer or intern basis. I can’t thank him enough for everything he’s done for local music this summer with Live Bands Touring. We look forward to having him on our team as we move forward.

We are currently in the middle of producing two very big video projects. The biggest one being a documentary about Shakedown, with input from fans. Noah Galembo is our director for this project and he has been a huge help to me in general this year. I can’t thank you enough for everything this summer Noah. Noah is a pro videographer who graduated from QU with a Bachelors in Film. He has taught me so much……and most of all he has been a great friend. He understands what it means to be grateful dead family…….and for that I am eternally grateful. As far as the Shakedown documentary goes………we’ll for now I’ll just say you guys will be pleasantly surprised when all is said and done. The second large project, well, just stay tuned and you’ll find out more about that one.

We are in our 6th year and in March of 2014 it will be 7 years since LBT first started. What started as a project to give back to the community has grown into a huge animal with many different needs. While we will still strive to give back to the local music community, the time has come for Live Bands Touring to grow into a more organized, and full grown legitimate company. Those individuals, organizations, and others who have helped get LBT where it is today will continue to benefit from it’s “give back to the community” aspect. There is no need to mention which bands or who will benefit. You already know who you are. However, now that we are producing high quality videos and documentaries, along with the effort to grow into a more fully grown and organized company there will be some positive changes. We will begin to charge for high end filming. We will have created a business plan, and will be sticking to it. Also, although I have tried to stay away from this aspect for obvious reasons, we will need to get into promoting shows on occasion. And lastly, we simply won’t have time for things that no longer serve our needs as a business or those who do not wish to contribute to the overall goals of our soon to be company.

We hope you will continue to help us bring you local music, through combined efforts with our partners and friends, and we can all enrich our lives through good solid products that will make you happy at a reasonable and affordable price while continuing to give back to the local music community.

Sean Morse