CD Review: Off The Dome












In the Spring of 2013 you may recall I mentioned a band that was rising from the depths of the CT jamband scene known as Off The Dome ( ). Well they’re back with their self titled album Off The Dome. The first track is titled “Raise Your Vibration” and has that groovy reggae feel. It certainly made me get in the groove. Track 2, Spectacle, has a feel of a Grateful Dead song but they made it into their own original tune. I’m not going to tell you which Grateful Dead song………you can just go ahead and listen for yourself on the album’s page. You can stream it for free or download the whole thing for $5. ( ) Track 3 has a nice instrumental jam which goes into incredibly positive lyrics stating “You have all the reason to be happy, You have all the reason to spread love, you have all the reason to create peace, you have all the reason to RISSSEEEEE ABOVE”. Is there any message better than that?


The Fourth Track on Off The Dome’s self titled album is called TrainWreck and deals with jealousy and attitudes. The composition of the song made me think of Spring and all those festivals who will be announcing their lineups soon. You may recall I mentioned and posted the live recording of the bands song “Waves of the Sea” in the Shock and Awe Spring Fling Article. This song is on the album as well and there isn’t motorcycles flying by so you get a nice clean recording this time. I just love the way the vocals are spoken like a rap on this song. Reminds me of so many of those 90s hip hop artists like 3rd Bass. This is probably my favorite song on the album.
There is a few other songs on the album including Blue Jelly, Honey Lovin Creed Bee, and Science. I don’t want to ruin any of the surprises so I’ll just go ahead and post them here below so you can listen.

Off the Dome started only a little over a year ago and already has their first album recorded. They have also opened for Shakedown at Toads Place. Clearly, this band has their stuff together and will be one to watch out for in 2014.