Wormtown Music Festival 2014 Camp Kwanee Greenfield, MA

DATES: Thursday 09-11-14 thru  Sunday 09-14-14
BAND LINE UP: http://wormtownmusicfestival.com/2014lineup/

Thursday- For this years wormtown I decided I would go with my ole buddy 
Ralphie, and a newer friend and member of the Midnight Chrome Muffins 
Rob Bonocorso. Thanks to my friend Todd at 
rvsdelivered.com who supplied some rvs to the wormtown 
staff also, we were able to go in an RV. We got in right
when the gates opened at 4pm. I must say thanks 
to all the staff at the gate for a 
speedy process which flowed well. We parked our rv behind the 
Vernville stage, set up camp and the 
rage began. We headed over tothe Kwanee cabin 
and checked out Gratefully Yours which is a 
Grateful Dead cover band. They played a bunch 
of Dead songs including Sunshiny Daydream 
and their encore was Touch of Grey. We hungout 
with some friends and then it was time for bed 
and rest for what would be a long weekend. 


Friday - I woke up at 6:30 am and Rob 
threw a pot of coffee on and I 
made some heady egg and cheese sandwiches. 

11:35am- I had a few beers and hung out backstage 
with the Midnight Chrome Muffins and Ralphie 
while they warmed up for their set. 
They rehearsed face your fears and a few others. 

The Midnight Chrome Muffins setlist. Sorta but not exactly.

The Midnight Chrome Muffins setlist. Sorta but not exactly.

The Midnight Chrome Muffins had a different flavor
 but similar vibe to a band that was once 
called Blessed and Gifted. Rob Bonocorso is 
sorta like the elder statesmen of this band 
with his 20+ years of expierence. The crowd was 
enjoying it. They were totally grooving out to 
songs such as Face your fears and 
psychedelic expression. I also wanted to say how 
proud I was to see my friend Andy Colao 
dancing to the Midnight Chrome Muffins set. 
The breakup of Blessed and Gifted hasn't been easy 
for their fans, for Andy, and for what is 
now Midnight Chrome Muffins (a completely new band). 
I felt the entire crowd showed a great 
deal of patience, funkyness, and class 
during their set. 
I also want to encourage all of you to 
follow Andy Colao on Facebook as he develops 
his new band. You should already know his 
talents and that he will be 
making great music soon.


I went back to the rv for some rest. Then headed over 
to the mainstage for Soul Monde which 
was a groovalictic time. 
I then went back to the RV for some rest 
before I started what I dubbed my 
Friday Marathon Run. At 6pm I caught a little 
bit of Jen Durkin and the Business. How can you 
go wrong with Jen Durkin? I mean come on 
it's Jen Durkin who has the vocal range 
of Someone like Joss Stone or Grace Potter. 
And you know it was funky too. Here's a video 
I found on Johnny Durkin's facebook page 
which shows the song "God Made Me Funky" by
Jen Durkin and the Business with 
Oteil Burbridge at Wormtown this year. 

While I would have liked to have stayed 
at Vernville for Jen Durkin and the business 
I had to make sure I caught a glimpse 
of Secret Sage on the Riverworm stage. Secret Sage is 
one of Wormtown and Strange Creeks best 
kept secrets. It is a tradition for me to catch 
this band every year at this festival. I always 
tell people they are a bluegrass band 
because of the Mandolin player but they more like a rock, 
bluegrass fun time band 
with good Massachuets roots. They also have a new 
sax player(Laura) and a bass (Rigga) player since 
I last saw them over a year ago. Their songs 
are always awesome and get me feeling 
groovy and riverworm stagey. I tend to think 
of them as the Mass. Version of Connecticuts 
String Band except with younger players. Fantastic set 
but I had to finish my marathon run by heading 
up the main stage. Guess who was on the 
main stage at this point? Connecticuts own Premier 
Grateful Dead cover band SHAKEDOWN. They sounded great 
and jammed out to a very loving wormtown 
crowd who was dancing the night away. There's been
 a lot of talk about Shakedown without 
Jeff Martinson around the jamband scene. 
I'll keep my opinions to myself but Shakedown does 
still pull off the grateful dead expeirence 
quite epically. All the more reason to go 
see Shakedown shows.

I then headed back to the rv for some 
rest before getting ready to head back 
to the main Stage for Karl Densons 
Tiny Universe. I was so looking forward to 
this set. What I didn't realize was how 
depleted my energy was by the fact that our RV 
was parked the farthest away possible 
even though we 
showed up right 
at 4pm on Thursday. Also Im getting
older so my mobility isn't what it used 
to be at wormtown. So I never made it to 
Karl Densons Tiny Universe and I'm sad about that. 
As I sat in bed tired I thought I could muster 
up a second wind to go see Karl but this worm knows that 
slow and easy wins the wormtown race. So off to bed 
it was for me. However, the power of facebook 
is a beautiful thing. So courtesy of Johnny Durkin's 
facebook page here is a video of 
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe with Johnny Durkin.



Saturday morning was cold and you could 
see the rain was coming in just barely. I waited 
out the rain and it wasn't terrible. I checked 
out Spirtual Rez and they are always great. 
I love the way their guitar 
player, Toft Willingham, jumps around on stage.
Spiritual Rez on the Vernville Stage at Wormtown

Spiritual Rez on the Vernville Stage at Wormtown

Then I headed over to the main stage to 
check out Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. 
They were jamming out some funky 
tunes including FU....NK which is a song 
my buddy Chris Larr turned me on to 
a while back. Here's a quick clip of one of their
tunes from the main stage.....

Next up was the whole reason I came to wormtown. 
The Garcia project. The rain was coming 
down pretty good at this point. But not bad
enough to make me want to miss anything. 
The Garcia Project then went into 
I'll take a Melody. When I heard Mik Bondy 
sing those first words 
"I see the rain come pouring down"......
it just soothed my soul as the raindrops 
came over me and our camera. 
It was just absolutely beautiful. The Garcia 
Project does the Grateful Dead, JGB, 
and related material so well It almost 
felt like a JGB show from the 1980s. 

The rain started to get pretty heavy
 at this point. My gear had rain protection 
but I had to make a judgement call 
weather to continue. So I decided to 
protect my gear and end filming halfway 
thru their set. Luckily Garcia Project
 had their other camera back by the soundboard 
as a primary camera. This footage is still
being dealt with in post production so stay tuned
for it's release. 

It was pretty darn rainy at this point. There is 
only so much you can do to battle the 
elements sometimes. I'm sure everyone 
was battling tent flooding and things like that.
 I went over to check out Relative Souls. 
My friends Dan and Brii were doing a light show 
for them but they ended up rained out too. :-(. Dislike.
However, I must say Dan and Brii had on the best
outfits I saw all weekend. Tie Dyed Overalls.
Freaking sweet!!!

Dan and Brii of A Case of Space Lights

Dan and Brii of A Case of Space Lights

The music still went on though
as relative souls ripped up a great show. 
Then it was time to go back to the rv for 
some dryness and get ready for Max Creek. 

Max Creek is always the highlight of my 
Wormtown and Strange Creek expierence. 
But I'm getting older and it's 
harder to Worm. So I only caught the end 
of their set. However, taper Rob Clarke a
lready has their set posted on 
the archive. So here it is.......


 IMG_4668 Sunday- 


Even though Jeff Martinson isn't playing 
with Shakedown anymore, we got a nice treat as he 
sat in with Gratefully Yours on the Vernville stage 
on Sunday.
Pre wormtown I had been vibing and making posts 
about the talking heads song Life During Wartime. 
So I was uber excited to see Start Making Sense 
a Talking Heads cover band. They did all the hits 
such as And She Was, Psycho Killer, 
and of course you guessed it "Life During Wartime". 

I was pretty tired at this point. So I was ready 
to leave. But Ralph and Rob wanted 
to see Ryan Montbleau. So I packed up the rv 
while they checked out an awesome set from Ryan. 
Ralph even got in on a backstage 
group hug with Ryan. Every year at wormtown 
I take something away from the expierence. 
I heard a lot of complaining from people about 
the rain, something in their life, or 
whatever they came to wormtown to escape from. 
When I heard said complaints I took a look 
at my good friends RobbieJam and Bear. I then 
realized that complaints about the rain 
and about little things were minute compared 
to the battles Robbie and Bear fight everyday 
with ALS and Dialysis. So be grateful for an expeirence 
like Wormtown which should lift your spirit 
and allow you to start fresh. Enjoy every minute 
of your life because it's precious and 
never guaranteed to continue. The rain may fall but 
there will always be a brighter day ahead. See you at Strange