Live Bands Touring is a complete event consulting company. With over 20 years combined experience managing, organizing, and running events we can tailor meet your needs in order for your event to be a complete success.

We can help you reach your desired audience and achieve the reaction and interests you want from them. You need to decide your message and what you want your target audience to think about when they leave the event. We can also help you assess the risks, set a budget, manage invitations, advertising and registration, arrange catering, staffing, post event services and break downs.

Live Bands Touring specialty is live concerts but is available for all your event needs such as weddings, non profits, hospitals events, fundraisers, and more. We also can teach you how to manage your event in a Do It Yourself approach. Contact Live Bands Touring today to receive a free quote for help on planning your next event.

We understand running an event is expensive and costly. Live Bands Touring can teach you how to run your event for little or no cost.

In addition to Event Consulting Live Bands Touring also provides various support services for local Connecticut bands. To find about more about these support services please email or reach out to us on facebook.