Since March of 2007 Live Bands Touring has been giving back to the local Connecticut music community by providing video services for local bands and musicians who are looking to take their brand to the next level. The demand has grown considerably and we are only able to offer free filming for local musicians in the greater New Haven area. (see CT Map below)

More important is how these videos can serve your needs — both creatively and in saving you time and money. That’s why our production team collaborates closely with you starting in pre-production, continuing throughout the shooting, and during every phase of post-production through final delivery.

Research from Nielson, shows that people are twice as likely to buy a product when a video is present on their website. Consumers tend to spend 45% more time on a website where a video is present. This indicates that a music video enhances customer services, increase enquires per visitor, educates visitors to new and improved ideas and helps enlarge your fan base. This is the reason that the demand for music videos have gone tremendously up. Making it extremely important for bands to use videos on their website.

Live Bands Touring also offers paid filming for contracted bands. Additionally, LBT is available for weddings, business advertising, and many other paid filming options. (See video below for an example of paid filming) For a quote on paid filming please send an email to



  1. Free Videography: Available to legacy musicians who contributed to LBT development. ( Free Filming is limited to the highlight region in the map below)
  2. Paid Videography: New musicians who benefit from past LBT development.




Tier 1- SINGLE CAMERA ($50)

LBT video tapes your bands 2 Hour Set with a Zoom Q2HD Camera. We complete 1 hour of editing for you within the next week. We can put the videos on your youtube channel or the LBT one. Or we can get the videos to you on DVD data disc within a week.

Tier 1A- SINGLE CAMERA ($100).

LBT films artists’ 1 hour set. Footage is transferred immediately, on site, via USB or directly from memory cards.  This is a simple recording with 1 video camera that is high end DSLR footage. Filmed with a Nikon D7100, and a Zoom H1 zoom recorder attached to the D7100.

Tier 2- MULTIPLE CAMERAS ( $200)

LBT films artists’ 2-3 hour set in 720p with two cameras. Primary equipment includes Nikon D7100 DSLR with H1 Zoom Recorder attached. Secondary camera equipment includes a Canon Power Shot and Zoom Q2HD. Backup equipment includes H4n Zoom Recorder as 4th audio source.  Footage is provided within 2-3 weeks on DVD and CDR.


DOCUMENTARY ($500-$5,000)

Documentaries are created for certain bands and businesses aligned with LBT’s mission statement. Mass DVD production (50 or more DVDs) will be provided thru a 3rd party.  Contact owner for quote.  Standard industry rates are available thru the following calculator for hiring a videographer.

Tier 3- FULL PRODUCTION (BASED ON REQUIREMENTS).  Large scale, needs-based production includes weddings, football games, corporate events or companies in need of advertising. Price quotes are available at:




Example of Paid Filming- also can Live Stream your show via Ustream


(Free filming is available for legacy musicians in the green highlighted area below)